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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Of defections and the Malaysian leaping politician.

Reading a readers letter on Malaysiakini, I couldn't help but agree and disagree on his statement:

I would prefer to give the BN crossovers the benefit of the doubt. It would be totally unrealistic to assume that everybody who enters politics does so to serve his or her community. Every creature is programmed to seek optimum advantage for itself.

The more intelligent ones know their self-advantaging activities have to align and coincide with what benefits the greater community, otherwise they will soon be curtailed. Let's envision this: if 30 BN crossovers allow Pakatan Rakyat the option of taking over the federal government in 2008 instead of 2012, there will be far less likelihood that we will all be dragged down with the sinking BN.

Perhaps the price isn't such a high one? Some of these crossover politicians are doing so primarily because they feel their leadership potential hasn't been appreciated and cannot be realized within BN. Why not give them a chance to prove their worth as Pakatan Rakyat MPs?
Politicians in Malaysia are in it for themselves. It's a career choice. It has nothing to do with servicing the community or the rakyat at large. In parliament, they are not acting as Wakil Rakyat (People Representative) but rather Wakil Party (Party Representative).

So if the said politician wants to jump party, leap-frog or defect (whatever terms that makes you smile) let him do so. There should not be any law that stops them from doing this. Let them leap to fulfill their nature borne instinct to protect themselves. Because leaping politicians are merely jumping political parties. It's akin to changing organizations. You may still be a lawyer just that your law firm changes. People do it all the time - change jobs, change cars, change wives...come on all because you change a car doesn't mean you become a different driver?

So let the politician jump. Let the 30 or so BN fellas switch over to the Pakatan Rakyat or Barisan Rakyat (again, whatever you feel fit) because if they don't do a good job, come next election they will have to find a new job.

And since it is a career change, let them buy each other out. Let the money flow. If Pakatan can buy BN assembly men, then BN can also do the same; right? It's all a money game, which really shows the state of maturity for politics in Malaysia.

We're not democratic. No! Our politics is money-centric. Who ever has the money, that is where the vote may swing. But again, this may be untrue since the BN had lots of money yet still lost - blame that on the saboteurs who ran off with the piggy bank.

It's all a number's game, the number of assembly men, the amount of money, number of postal votes, etc... At the end of the day, in the name of Malaysia Boleh, the state of politics would have destroyed Malaysia. 

So who's to blame?


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