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Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Art of (An)War

Malaysian news is ablaze with Anwar Ibrahim's statement that in 3 years time he would step up and become Prime Minister and he peppered that statement with the indication Pakatan Rakyat has enough MPs (Opposition and BN Leap-Froggers) to form government.

In Malaysiakini, The Star and NST the date to watch is September 16 aptly known as Malaysia Day - the date Malaysia was formed with the inclusion of Sarawak, Sabah and Singapore (at that time) with Malaya.

Startling news to the ruling government if everything holds true. Anwar has brought out into the open a timeline and a dateline. 3 years to premiership and September 16th for government formation.

If you were playing poker and you had the Ace, would you show it in the first round or would you keep it until the bets have piled up?

This is what puzzled me when I first got wind of the announcement by Anwar Ibrahim. Why show your Ace in the deck at this time?

I see several scenarios to this announcement, so indulge me for a moment of your time and see if it all makes sense. I'll take a page from Sun Zi's - The Art of War

1. When you are weak, appear to be strong
Say you are up against a strong opponent, how would you misguide him/her into a state of completency. You mask your real strength. In this case Anwar makes out to be the stronger person in order to hide the fact that they are weak. Harp about the fact that you are strong in order to force your opponent into retreat. Creating confusion and disarray while you gather your strength.

2. Mis-information
Tell your opponent what you are going to do and send him in the wrong direction. By telling Malaysia what he intends to do, Anwar Ibrahim is in fact taking us for a ride. He may have other things up his sleeve and most surely it would startle some people. He doesn't have to do much since the current establishment was already reading the wrong signs in the run-up to the previous general elections.They are a gullible bunch who rather follow their own ideas then to listen to the thoughts of others.

3. Force of hand
This added ingredient in the mix would actually force Pak Lah to act. The ball is in his side of the courts and he cannot ignore it. He now has a dateline to match. Come September 16 he may be out of a job and Pak Lah would be the person to totally blame for it. He has to act and this would be interesting. Would Pak Lah hasten the transfer of power? Or would he stick his thumb in the mix and hopefully it won't get burnt?

4. It's all sandiwara!
It's just a ploy to keep us interested in the politics of Malaysia and forget that there is a food crisis looming and a recession in America. Heck, we need to keep up with the American presidential race so conjuer up our own drama and invite the world to see. I bet half the world is waiting to see if Anwar Ibrahim can make good his word.

So what about you? These are my thoughts on the matter. Personally, I'm going to sit back and see what Pak Lah, Najib and the gang have to say about Anwar Ibrahim's statement.



kiddokit said...

Here's one scary scenario for all of us -- Pak Lah invokes the ISA and goes on Operasi Lallang Round Two.

That sure beats Sun Tzi's war strategies anytime!

Maclean Patrick said...

Yes, a scary scenario indeed.

Sun Tzu advocated the integration of the defeated army soldiers into the victor's own army in order to strengthen it. I bet Anwar has read The Art of War.

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