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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Enough commissions - we want actions from decisions!

Reading letters on Malaysiakini is rewarding to say the least because from there you can gauge the thoughts of those who are serious about seeing this country lift itself from the rut. Yet I cannot help comment on certain things being thought of as a solution. Rather I think they themselves are the problem.

It is time we consider a royal commission with powers to sentence and enforce be set up to investigate all these cases. The confidence of the people in the police, the ACA, the Attorney-General's Chambers and the courts has been shattered by the Lingam Tape case.

Source: Malaysiakini
How many times must we call for a Royal Commission? How many times must we have reassurance from the current establishment that all things would be looked into yet until today where are the decisions that can be turn into action? Seriously, what came about from the Lingam gate investigations? Where is the verdict now?

What about the Hindraf 5? Malaysia is probably the only country that has an elected MP sitting in prison without trial. He's the people's choice yet he's deemed a threat to the country. It's not only ironic it's darn right moronic.

Where's the so called commission to look into the reasons BN stumbled at the 12th GE? All I know is that just last week everything was blamed on saboteurs. So Pak Lah announces that he would setup a commission to look into why they stumbled and then before the commission even is form, he has the answer to why they stumbled.

Should we now form a commission to find out why Tourism Ministry MOUs signed under the previous state government cannot be honored under the current Pakatan government? The MOUs were signed by the country government to benefit all and last I checked the MOUs were not signed by a political party (but we all know who really benefits from these MOUs).

Commissions here and commissions there. All about the commissions yet no action. So why not forget about commissions and make decisions and turn those decisions into actions?

Oh...I forgot. You may need to wake up the leader of this country cause he leaves the decision making to those jokers over on the 4th floor.

So shall we setup a royal commission to help make decision as to decide the direction Malaysia should be heading towards?


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