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Monday, April 28, 2008

A New Malaysia but we are afraid of pig farms and footballers

Fuel prices hit a record high today USD120 per barrel and it nowhere close to coming down again. Food prices are soaring all over the world, causing concern for most nations.


We're still still bickering over what went wrong in the previous election, more than a month ago. Scan through Malaysiakini, The Star, NST or The Sun and the news seems to be apologising kris-kissers, Balkis runaway money, hopping MPs and angry anti-pig farming picketers or and don't forget the 21 Muslim NGOs protesting the Chelsea team visit because they have two Jews in the squad.

Football is football and professional football is a career, a job and it is given to the player who has merit regardless of race, creed or religion. So why are the 21 NGOs protesting against Chelsea making a visit to Malaysia?

Malaysia has no diplomatic ties with Israel but is that an obstacle for Jewish travelers to stop by in Malaysia. Go to Penang and you will find Jews buried there. These Jews called Malaysia home and chose to be buried here.

What then are these people harping on and why is the current government not telling them to hush it? Wait because people are too busy analyzing the 12th GE results!

In the mix is also the blow-up over the RM100million pig farm in Selangor. We have people picketing against this and also the current BN government pointing fingers at the Pakatan Rakyat government for what they say is a horrible decision. But wasn't the decision to have the pig farm made before the 12th GE by the UMNO led government? So why the out-cry now? Shouldn't all the crying have been done, way back before the 12th GE?

Folks, it's a case of politics super-imposed over pigs and football. When the real issues are hidden behind a smokescreen of angry picketers and lame government responses.

Fuel prices, as of today was at USD120 a barrel. Can the current government bear the weight of subsidizing fuel for any longer? Will we see another rise in local fuel prices, which would mean rising cost of living. Rising cost of living would then be compounded by the shortage of food that is slowly gripping the world. Thailand has asked that its citizen not eat rice but rather switch to bread. Thailand is saving up reserves for its citizens and I believe they will lower if not stop exporting rice. Bear in mind, Malaysia imports rice from Thailand. Thailand's move would hurt Malaysia and what are we doing about it?

It's time to stop all the politics and move on to living life. The people have given their vote and we would like to get on with living life in a world that is struggling and we need those that we voted into parliament to start leading the way.


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