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Friday, April 25, 2008

Wan Azizah for PM? A good idea indeed.

Wan Azizah for Prime Minister of Malaysia?

Could be a good thing if you ask me since almost all the likely candidates have baggage to bring into the office. Wan Azizah could be the best there is to offer.
Dr Wan Azizah Ismail berkata beliau bersedia menjadi perdana menteri Malaysia jika Pakatan Rakyat berjaya mendapat majoriti dua pertiga susulan peralihan sokongan wakil-wakil Barisan Nasional.

Source: Malaysiakini
Honestly speaking, I think it is a good idea. Why not? We are a democracy (to borrow BN's tag-line) and in a democracy anything can be made possible.

If Anwar Ibrahim can gather enough MPs to jump the fence and form the Pakatan Rakyat government then the best candidate for Prime Minister would be Wan Azizah. She could bring to Malaysia a different dimension in leadership and I believe the people would accept her.

She doesn't have baggage like the rest. A commentator on Malaysiakini mentioned that if Najib were to become PM then he rather Pak Lah remain cause Najib is worse off than Pak Lah. I would agree with that statement. The Altantuya murder case is close to nowhere to being solve and Najib is tied to that case in subtle ways.

The reaction from the Pak Lah government, as I suspected, has been tame towards Anwar Ibrahim's statement that by September he would be able to form government. Najib went merely stated that Anwar can say anything he wants. Najib seems to be waiting for stuff to start flying about. 
In fact, if everything blows up in Pak Lah's camp  (you don't need C4 for that), Najib stands to gain the most from it all.

If Anwar could form government than by right Wan Azizah should be PM since she has been the leader of the opposition for the pass few years. Since Pak Lah is head of the largest party in BN and automatically became PM, then the same treatment should be given to Wan Azizah too.

But would PAS have anything to say, since the issue would be raise; can a woman lead a country? True, a Muslim is to lead Malaysia but it did not state whether it must be a man or woman. It is open. 

Can a Muslim woman lead Malaysia?

To me, aside from constitution matters, as long as the person is credible and trustworthy; they have my vote for Prime Minister and right now, my vote goes to Wan Azizah.



Anonymous said...

You must be one stupid DUMB PRICK. How on earth can anyone related to Anwar be the next Prime Minister???

If you say a woman deserve to be the next PM, you might as well endorse your fucking mother. For all the shit she went thru fucking a dog to get you & wasted 9 hell months just to get you on earth...you instead endorse a bitch who isn't related to you in anyway to be a PM???

Fuck you & your mother then!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

To "fuck your mother",

I think that comment was uncalled for and had nothing to do with whether Wan Azizah should be PM or not. You deserve to be hung upside down by your balls, after which it should be castrated and stuffed in your mouth. That should teach you not to make stupid and obscene comments such as the above

Anonymous said...

Constitutionally there are no limits to which Malaysian can be Prime Minister as long as they hold the confidence of the Dewan Rakyat which they are a member of. There are no exclusions for gender, ethnicity or sexual preference.

Different for state governments since the state constitutions predate the Federal Constitution as states have existed as legal entities from a western perspective for centuries. And therefore they inherited limitations on who can be Menteri Besar.

Wan Azizah is as qualified as any previous Prime Ministers to become PM.

Anonymous said...

I can see 3 mother fuckers up there. Hahahahahaa!!!

Maclean Patrick said...

I support open discussion and permit one to speak their mind, so I am going to let this one pass in the interest of those that read this blog.

Besides my mother taught me to be courteous and to mind my words when I speak my mind and she was the daughter of a padi farmer who worked the fields and tapped rubber while carrying me, while my father (the work dog he was) was in a foreign land; building a future for his family.

I must say something. Must the PM be related to me in order to for me to give them my confidence to govern the country? Pak Lah is not related to me yet he is the PM of Malaysia.

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