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Monday, April 7, 2008

The Media Wars - Pak Lah fires back via media

Some time ago I remember it being reported in the Main Stream Media (MSM) that dirty linen should not be aired via the media. If two politicians were to argue or two government departments were at odds, they were not to do it via the media. All things should be solved in an amiable way behind closed doors to keep the peace.

Well, like all things done in the pass month; the government decides to play out this drama via the MSM.
PM fires back at Dr M, Ku Li and Anwar

Abdullah Answers Dr Mahathir And Tengku Razaleigh's Criticisms

Abdullah hits out at his critics

Sabotaj punca prestasi buruk - Kalau bukan kerana faktor itu, BN tidak hilang majoriti dua pertiga – Abdullah
All MSM. All showing support for an ailing leader. It's a witch-hunt now. Unable to answer his critics effectively, the PM has initiated a witch-hunt to weed out all the saboteurs that denied them victory in the previous general election.

We are made to believe by the MSM that all are in agreement with the PM's speech and "so-called" advice to the masses that everyone who has done harm to UMNO must be brought to their knees. All except the very person who should step down - himself.

This "everyone is wrong, I'm right" attitude will only spell doom for him. I'm amazed that his so called advisors did not advice him against making such silly remarks in front of the MSM. The MSM will spin it but the masses only see it as a vain attempt at clearing himself from all responsibilities and divert attention to other issues. It's a time-buying tactic. Instigated to preserve whatever semblance of power he has over the situation. The sad thing is, the more the MSM spins it, the worse it makes him look.

So ironic, the people he is hitting out against were really masters of the media spin.


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