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Friday, September 5, 2008

Anwar Past and Anwar Present

It is amazing to hear some BN ministers pointing out that when Anwar Ibrahim was the Deputy Prime Minister he failed to fulfill his promises. The latest reminder coming from the Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak, Alfred Jabu who reminded people that Anwar had promised the state funds when he was the DPM and Finance Minister and those promises have gone south. With that argument, Anwar is not to be trusted because he would still promise Sarawak funds and what nots and still not fulfill them.

I am amazed at this reasoning primarily because the failure of Anwar Ibrahim as DPM back then is a failure for Barisan Nasional because Anwar Ibrahim was the DPM under the BN government of the day. Any unfulfilled promised was made within his capacity as DPM for a BN government. Thus, Anwar Ibrahim did not failed but Barisan Nasional did collectively. If those promises were not fulfilled, why was a complaint not launch back then? Why bring up these grouses now?

This seems to be the practice of BN at this juncture of time when all they can do is discredit Anwar Ibrahim. Tell of his failings during his time as DPM yet be blind to the fact that he was (back then) a Barisan Nasional DPM. If he made such glaring mistakes back then, why was it not address there and then? Why wait 10 years to point it out to the populace?

The Anwar Past was Barisan Nasional and the Anwar Present is Pakatan Rakyat. BIG difference. If Anwar failed in the past then Barisan Nasional was the one who failed. Collectively Responsibility? That's a term I heard the PM used some time ago. So BN was collectively responsible for all the failings, Anwar had during his tenure as DPM.

So for those minister's who wish to harp on the failings Anwar had when he was DPM should also know that they too were part of the mistake. They should have been responsible enough to point out those mistakes back then and not use it now for political milage.


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