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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Malaysia's bravest blogger, RPK, sent to Kemunting

The powers that be cannot keep a good man down and so they hit him with the most unjustified form of detention imaginable - detention without trial, the ISA. I hope the Home Minister and every BN member of parliament sleep easy for they have sent an innocent man to jail for the act of speaking out. Sending him to two (2) years of confinement for exercise his right as a free citizen of Malaysia. For speaking out against what is unjust and wrong.

They justified the act by saying RPK had insulted Islam and the government of the day. What else is new? Why can't they charge him in a court of law where the infamous Sedition Act can be used? Or maybe it was because there was nothing to pin RPK with, all charges against could not pin him. Why? Because RPK was telling the truth and had too much up his sleeve for them to counter in a right and just way. The government reverted to throwing a jab under the belt. The more the need to for a change in government. The more the need to restore the rule of Law and not the rule of Lone Nepoleons who sign detention orders and order the use of C4 on people.

What then can the rakyat do? We do what we do best, vote for change. Come the next election or if a miraculous snap-election gets force, vote in a new government. Vote for change. Vote for a system that rids Malaysia of racism and xenophobic politicians. Vote for people who are for the people and not out to fatten their own pockets.

RPK was sure of his fate long before today yet he had faith in the people who believe that change is coming to Malaysia. He trust that this change would be the one that would release him from detention under ISA. It would be this change that would rid Malaysia of ISA altogether.

Something is really wrong when people are detained for speaking out against injustice. Something is really wrong with Malaysia and we can make a change. Remove this government, the people should not be afraid of their government instead it is the government which should be afraid of its people.


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