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Monday, September 15, 2008

The blame game begins in arrest debacle.

Now a comedy of shorts has begun.

The government via the statement from the Home Minister is saying that the arrest under ISA against the Sin Chew Reporter, RPK and Theresa Kok was purely the decision of the police. The Home Ministry did not make the decision, it was purely and surely only the police. Now, the BN government ministers have jumped up to point fingers at the ISA, obviously sensing that they can now be seen as champions of the people.

I pity the police. They have been left high and dry and are now living to take the blame.

Political Milage is the name of the game and in times of political trouble, such as now, everyone needs any measure they can obtain. Be it the BN or PR, all politicians need to gain it in order to ensure their own political survival. I pity the jokers in Taipei, they miss the party and instead they themselves have been turned into jesters and pawns for the bigger political game to claim the Malaysian government.

This spate of arrest has created ample opportunity for the rakyat to stand up and be counted. I hope the palace sees the injustice being leveled on the citizens of Malaysia and take action. It would be a slap in the PM's face if the palace where to call him in and give him the riot act and I think they should. A leader needs to take charge and if the PM is unable to maintain control over the actions of the agencies under him, then we all have cause to worry. Because there lies the bigger problem.

The government has lapse into a state of internal chaos. Communication between agencies have broken down and I bet you, the PM doesn't know much of what's going on unless someone tells him. I suggest he starts looking around and making sure his advisors are channelling him the correct information because he has no-one else to blame but himself, if anything goes wrong.

The blame game would continue and the matter of running this country would be lost in a swamp of politics. Who is looking after our economy? Who is looking after the needs of the people? Who are raising the issues close to the people's hearts? How to raise, when all this while the politics in the land has be in a state of near-death? Everyone looking out for their own interest and not of the people.

I pray that all Malaysians remember that Malaysia should NEVER be sacrificed as a pawn in a political game.


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