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Monday, September 8, 2008

Damage control BN style - send the MPs away.

The recent actions by the Backbenchers club to organize a study trip to either China or Taiwan is interesting. Smack in the month of Ramadan and over-lapping with the 16th of September dead-line set by Anwar Ibrahim for Pakatan Rakyat to take control of government, the government denies its a way to keep BN MPs from jumping ship.

Of course none of the BN lads would say it is a way to keep their members in check, of course it is a mere study trip, of course Anwar Ibrahim's words are not to be trusted. Yet again BN attempts to insult our intelligence.

It is best for BN to just turn the ship into the storm and ride out the winds. Instead, BN is tripping over themselves and that in itself has proven, to many, that this government is wobbling at the seams. Too many actions point in one direction, Anwar Ibrahim is scaring the wits out of them and totally undermining their credibility as a working government.

At best Anwar Ibrahim has kept them distracted from their role as governors of Malaysia's move into the future. Their is a impending economic crisis and fuel related stress on the ordinary Malaysian citizen which needs managing yet our politicians are busy shifting their sampans about they forget the bigger ship needs a captain.

So while our BN MPs run off on a study tour we are left with a question and answer game. Would those MPs left behind would jump ship and the returning BN MPs would come back to a new government come 16th September? Let's see how the plot twist itself.


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