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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

When the ship loses its captain.

Its idiotic to think that at this very moment, Malaysia is still very much in the docks. Who is running the country? There is no clear firm image of leadership and this reeks of instability and confusion in the top management.

Abdullah Badawi seems to have called it a day and is only bidding for time. The right time to move along and pass the baton to Najib Razak and Anwar Ibrahim seems adamant he would snatch power cleanly in the very near future. What is in store for Malaysia is either men take the highest office in Malaysia?

The first priority now for the BN led government is not the UMNO elections but rather the failing economy, hasten by the problems America is having with its financial sector. If America cannot fix its financial problems, the whole world goes into a nose-dive. Things get shaken up and everyone stands to suffer. Yet in Malaysia, our top leaders do not seem to bother about this. Instead we get the normal, "We are fine" statements. But all is not fine. The UMNO leaders who effectively head the major offices in government are more interested in safe-guarding their own rice-bowls in the coming party elections.

Several component parties in BN are contemplating leaving and Pakatan Rakyat are having hiccups of their own especially the mess in Selangor over the Hindu temple demolition. The whole seat of government, the bridge where the ship is commanded is in chaos. The captain has left the bridge and everyone had no idea what they are suppose to be doing or they are simply doing whatever they choose.

In recent events it is a tragic comedy to watch several ministers stumble over themselves when issuing statements. Some contradict themselves or each other and some are made tactless. Mud-slinging is common place in Malaysian politics and it's no surprise for MPs to call each other names in parliament. All hot air and the real issues are lost in transition.

I believe the people are getting fed-up and worn out by all these shenanigans and would just want to get on with their lives. We just want to know when the next meal is coming and that we are able to have enough to get us through the month. It is time the captain gets back to what he should be doing and that is to captain the ship and let everyone know he is in charge.


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