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Thursday, September 25, 2008

A fallacy of composition - the immaturity of Malaysian politics

fallacy of composition

noun - the error of assuming that what is true of a member of a group is true for the group as a whole.

Humans are creatures of habit and though change is constant, not everyone would welcome constant. Worst still if change would disturb the established norm and destroy any form of benefits or rewards one would have enjoyed when change was not present.

This is the situation facing the Barisan Nasional government. After 51 years of governance, this group of politicians do not know any other form of life. For those holding the highest position in government, the feel of power is indeed so good, they refuse to let it go even when prompted to do so. Desperate to hold on to power, they use every known apparatus at their disposal to protect their hold on power. The police, courts of law and media are all instruments used to create an image that all is well with the government. While the government goes along the notion, everything is going along well in this country, the discerning public knows better.

In their desperation to stay in power the BN government has lost touch with the very people who voted them in. I am sure, we vote the government of the day because we want to be taken care of. We want a government who looks into the welfare of its people, a government that is interested to see the betterment of its people.

Instead, what we get is totally the opposite. We have a government running scared, detaining people who voice out discontent against them, bent on pulling strings to keep friends and foes at bay, we have politics in our face but no solution for the woes striking the general populace.

Switch on the tele or read the UMNO owned newspapers and what we get is a fallacy of composition.

It may have been a strategy which worked ten years ago but this is 2008 and Malaysians have woken up to the realities of the ruling government. In the 12th General Election, people voted for CHANGE. The people has had enough of talk from politicians only interested to remain in power for financial gain.

We have woken up to the realization that Pak Lah is not all he is cut out to be. All because he has the image of Mr. Clean, does not mean that the whole government is such but the picture is painted in the mass media that everything is dandy and good. The statements coming out of Main Stream Media seems to show that Pak Lah has great support among the UMNO base yet that is not what is evident on the ground.

Only yesterday, we had a collection NGO leaders coming out with resolution warning people not to question the transition plan between Pak Lah and Najib Razak. Looking at the news clip, it is evident that all who were present were UMNO members who were pro-Abdullah Badawi. Where were the Chinese or Indian NGO leaders? Why weren't their views taken into consideration? Even if this group, who say that they represent all NGOs in Malaysia, pass such a resolution, I believe it is not reflective of all NGOs.

Main Stream Media is also painting a picture that if Anwar Ibrahim is flawed then the whole Pakatan Rakyat bunch is flawed. They pump up the image of Anwar Ibrahim as a sodomite yet down play any wrong down by an UMNO member say for instance Ahmad Ismail.

Ahmad Ismail, mind you, has done more damage against race relations in Malaysia than any article Raja Petra Kamaruddin has ever written.

This is the state of Malaysian politics. We are so bent on painting fallacies of composition, all over the place in order to win a vote. There is no consideration of policies that would move the country forward. We elect leaders base on image rather that capacity to deliver. We base voting on a logo rather on the ability of the person to serve his/her constituency. At the end of the day, we have a parliament of career politicians and the sad thing is that we are paying them for sitting in parliament.

It's a fallacy of composition when the idea that only BN can assure us of fair treatment as citizens of Malaysia. Look at the spate of arrest under ISA, where RPK gets sent to detention when Ahmad Ismail is scot free, why? Because UMNO has already slapped a three(3) year ban on him.

It's a fallacy of composition to think that everyone is united behind the idea of detention without trial (ISA) when our everyone knows it is a cruel tool of the government.

It's a fallacy of composition to say this democratic government is mature and on par with other democracies of the world. By saying we practice "Guided Democracy" is akin to saying that Pol Pot's regime was the best government to rule Cambodia.

This government is immature and unable to meet the aspirations of those that voted them in and thus, it is high time for change.


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