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Monday, September 8, 2008

Cut the crap, we're all RACIST!

Let's not be apologetic. We're all RACIST and it's the truth. 51 years on and Malaysia is still grappling with race issues and its no fault of our own. It's is in fact a collage of problems heap into one and perpetuated by a weak government unable to deal with the tide of transparency hitting the populace.

We have a political system with race-centric parties. We have government policies to "protect" various races from exploitation or from getting too weak. We have ideologies that segregate the haves and the have-nots. So is it any mistake that we all turn out RACIST?

So stop pointing fingers at each other and acknowledge the fact that for 51 years Malaysians have been fed by ideas and policies that promote RACISM. We see it in the politicians who create government policies, we see it in division of education, we see it in the banking systems, we see it in the breakdown of civil servants, we see it in the make-up of the arm forces, we see it in the jigsaw puzzle called the Malaysian economy. RACISM has tainted every strata of Malaysian society.

Ahmad Ismail blames his out-of-context statement on Chinese reporters, Now, at least two(2) Chinese reporters have come forward to say he did say those words. Yet Ahmad Ismail refuses to apologist and he's backed up by the Penang UMNO members, and this goes against the opinion of his boss, Abdullah Badawi, who is himself (the PM) from Penang. What gives?

Everyone is crying bloody RACISM yet no-one is owning up to their mistakes. The government has been at naught in tackling this matter because to do so would mean they are siding with the Chinese and Indians and justifying the notion that they have been practicing RACISM all this while.

Scrap all RACE base parties and just setup a two(2) party system. GOVERNMENT and OPPOSITION. The majority wins the label of GOVERNMENT and the minority the label OPPOSITION. Let the politicians play their game, jump or not jump is totally up to them AS LONG AS the people get what they want. Low cost living, high level of education for our children and the opportunity to fulfill a comfortable life. Equal opportunity by merit. The harder we work, the better the opportunity to gain monetary rewards. No hint of RACISM, no hint of FAVORITISM. Instead, everyone living the MALAYSIAN DREAM.


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