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Saturday, September 13, 2008

The BN government is running scared

It is amazing to watch the BN government lead by Abdullah Badawi stumble over and over again. The recent exercise in arresting a DAP MP, RPK and a journalist is not going to score points with the populace. At a time when they should be busy building bridges with the very people that have kept them in power, the BN government instead has instilled a sense of dread and fear in them. Who would not be outrage at this spate of arrest?

The US government has called the Malaysian ambassador and Anwar Ibrahim will bring up this matter with Abdullah Badawi. International eyes are now focus on Malaysia for all the wrong reason. The BN government has given more proof that a government lead by Anwar Ibrahim is far credible than them. Anwar Ibrahim does not have to do much, the government lead by Abdullah Badawi will do it for him. Anwar does not have to lead a campaign to point out the misdeeds of the current administration, Abdullah Badawi and company will do for Anwar.

It is a mark of a government that is running scared and confused. Instead of nation building, they instead choose to blow up all form of unity. The people are increasingly loosing trust in the administration. How can we trust them, the reporter that reported on Ahmad Ismail's racist comments is imprisoned, the DAP MP is caught on a charge that has not been investigated and RPK is imprisoned for speaking for the people.

The BN government in arresting them, has done them a favor. These three people (minus one, for the reported was released) will become folk heroes, simple folks who stood up against a government bent on maintaining power through whatever means possible. They are not criminals in the eyes of the people, rather as of today, these three have become heroes. Heroes who dared speak the truth and paid the price for it.

I say, Anwar Ibrahim make swift your promise to take over by 16th September. For the rakyat cry out for justice, for a government that is people-centric and a government for the people not one against the people.

Let September 16th be a reality. Let it be!


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